Menswear-inspired style has been in and out of public eye in the last few years. For me, the appeal is due to the unexpected combination of masculine pieces on a more fragile female frame, the understated elegance, and the chic sophistication. All of these combined makes for such an interesting look that it seems only the adventurous type will dare to wear. Or perhaps anyone can pull it off. I certainly think so…

Here are a few menswear inspired pieces that I’m absolutely obsessed with.


Menswear inspired suits consist of a baggier version of the traditional women’s suit. The blazer might be a bit bigger in the sleeves, in the shoulders and roomier all around. Big suits like that are very much in right now for this upcoming fall of 2019. Don’t know exactly what is it about these type of suits that makes it so cool and interesting, but the minute you put one on – you go through a transformation. Right away your look gives off a certain sex appeal. So if you haven’t tried one on, I highly recommend giving it a go.


You won’t believe how many ways you can style a classic men’s dress shirt. A crisp oversized fabric and simple lines make it for an irresistibly easy to follow trend. Roll up the sleeves, tie it with a skinny belt or let it hang loose with a pair of slim blue jeans and you’ve got a great look. As a side note, the bigger the shirt – the better it looks and the more ways you can wear it.


Ok, it’s a bit out there. I agree. But given today’s trends of oversized things – I’m totally digging the idea of borrowing men’s trousers from your husband’s closet. Full disclosure, it’s best if your partner is only 2-4 sizes bigger than you. Otherwise, it’s tougher to pull off. But if you do feel adventurous and got a hold of a pair of men’s suit pants, have it sit high on your waist and secure it with a belt. Depending on his height and yours, they’ll sit high enough and look just right with a pair of high heels. If your partner’s pants aren’t an option, there are so many brands that carry great menswear inspired trousers – you’ve got Zara, Massimo Dutti, and H&M. The look that you want to go for is a touch oversized, a touch relaxed and a touch masculine.


In my eyes, a men’s blazer became a thing after the forever romantic act of a man gently and lovingly placing his own jacket on the shoulders of his love interest. How can this not become a trend if we see it in every other romantic movie, seeing how sexy and romantic this look is and how easily it can be attained? So do me a favor and give it a try.


This one is a no brainer and definitely not a new trend. It’s longer leather belt that can be tied around anything – a blazer or a coat. Go for a softer-leather one, which will be easier to maneuver and skip the buckle by tying it. Tied around an oversized cardigan, trench or any other type of outwear, you’ll accentuate your waste, making it a focal point. I think this is such a feminine look and makes an outfit super interesting and ultra chick.


Last but not least – try on a men’s cashmere sweater. The way I’d do it is put on a lacy camisole right under, just so it peeks from under the sweater a bit. Then roll up the sleeves and pair it with either skinny jeans or a pair of chinos or boyfriend jeans. Either way, an oversized men’s weater is super sexy – it’s as if you just ran out of the house wearing whatever you found and put zero effort into it. Effortlessly and naturally sexy.

While I love to shop, you don’t always have to in order to come up with some on trend, stylish and sexy looks. Step into your boyfriend’s/husband’s closet for a slew of fresh looks.

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