Trends come and go, especially when it comes to fashion. Some disappear overnight – as momentarily as they appeared in the first place. Others stick around for longer. But certain pieces seem to come back religiously year after year – as if they’ve never left, and they probably never did. Those pieces seem to define the very nature of classic timeless fashion.

While timeless means different things to different people, to me, timeless is something that’s always in style, something that you don’t ever wonder whether it’s “in or out”, something that makes you always feel a touch dressed-up, a bit more put-together and gives you a slight unexplained edge.

Most, if not all, experts in the fashion industry would agree that the true fashion timeless classics are the LBD (a.k.a. Little black dress) or a pair of classic black pumps. And they are not wrong. They are absolutely great foundational pieces that every woman should own. But to me, timeless fashion is less about practicality and versatility and more about how it makes me feel.

So here are the top five fashion pieces that I personally consider timeless classics:


I own quite a few scarves in different colors and sizes. While I don’t wear them all the time, anytime that I actually do – I look and feel classy, feminine, and so lady-like. But aesthetics aside, silk scarves are also very versatile. You can wear them around your neck, or opt for a more youthful look by pairing it with a cute cropped sweater and high waisted jeans. I’ve worn it as a belt, as a headband and even as a top. I actually did an entire dedicated video on my Instagram account about all the looks I managed to pull off using a silk scarf.

Head to my Instagram account if you haven’t seen it.

Bottom line, a silk scarf is a classic fashion staple that gives any outfit a touch of femininity without looking like you’re trying too hard to go for a certain look.


I admit I don’t own a pair. Don’t ask me why, but I feel like it has to do with the fact that I didn’t grow up in North America and never once saw them back home in Russia. But I’ve been eyeing them for the past few years, dying to give them a try.

Every time I see them on the street, I am obsessed with how ultra cool they look with a seemingly ordinary outfit. I just love the way they add such an edge to any look. You can literally wear a plain white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans – and you are a rock-star!


When I say a leather biker jacket is timeless – I mean it’s really
timeless. I‘ve got a jacket from 10 years ago and to this day it’s one of the
most relevant and good looking pieces I own.

For me, a good leather jacket is like red wine. The older it is – the better. And in the case of this particular jacket, the more beat up and worn it is – the cooler it looks. Now that it’s been a few years, its shape is more relaxed, the leather is soft and faded in a few spots and its got this coveted vintage look. Love it.


Ok, this one is the mother of all classics.

A pair of blue jeans is probably the one clothing item that I cannot live without. Quite literally, If I had a choice to keep only one fashion piece for life – it’d be a good pair of blue jeans. That’s how much I love and appreciate them.

An absolute classic – blue jeans have conquered the world, as BBC almost ten years ago reported. And it’s true, this classic piece has been embraced by millions everywhere. From dressy to casual, jeans became the uniform of life.

I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.

Yves Saint Laurent


Last, but certainly not least, my classic Chanel flap bag is an honorary item on my list of timeless fashion pieces. When it comes to designer bags, I don’t think anything can top a Chanel. No other bag holds its value, practicality, look, and reputation the way Chanel does.

While other bags are thought of as purchases, a classic Chanel flap bag is considered an investment. Even years later, this highly sought-after, diamond-patterned, quilted beauty adorned with gold hardware not only doesn’t depreciate, but quite the opposite, can substantially increase in price.

But value aside, it’s how a Chanel bag makes you feel is what makes it a timeless coveted classic. One of the main attributes attached to this bag is its rock-solid reputation and a prestige factor. Owning a Chanel gives you a sense of belonging that’s difficult to replicate or attain with any other piece of clothing or accessory. When you have a Chanel bag on your arm – you can be butt-naked or wear a potato sack, but you’ll be dripped in sophistication.

Hope you enjoyed my little overview of timeless classic fashion pieces. Would love to hear your ideas on what you personally consider a great classic.

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