Every season fashion lovers and enthusiasts do this over and over again. They watch, they listen, they take notes, and then off they are on a hunt for what’s trending this season and what’s on its way out.

Fashion trends come and go. And I can’t help it but I’m always so excited to see what’s in store for us next. But if some trends get me all warm and tingly, others raise eyebrows or, at the very least, are just “meh”.
This post is about the latter.

Most of these trends got super popular because of the celebrities and influencers behind them. But other than popularity, I don’t think they’ve got any substance, appeal and much style. Above all, I think they lack versatility, where it’s hard to pair them with anything else. And secondly, I think they are so short-lived that you might even forget about them by next year anyway. So why invest? So, to me, out they go.


I think we owe this trend in its entirety to Princess Diana and Kim Kardashian. While they were quite popular in the 80s and 90s, they caused a major stir much later in 2018s. Worn anywhere but a bike, as one fashion publication has pointed out, these come in all types of fabrics, colors and prints. But black and beige neutrals seem to be the go-to favorites by celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski and the Kardashian clan. Ok, I admit it, a slight appeal is there but only due to its popularity, and not because it’s an awesome trend. So, unless, you are rushing into a 6AM spin class, I’d skip the bike shorts. If not for anything, I think it’s hard to find a good quality fabric that will suck everything in where it needs to be sucked in, but at the same time, won’t cut the circulation on your legs or look weird past the knee.


Industry experts everywhere have recently declared it as a very hip trend of 2019. Harper’s Bazaar did a splashy feature, highlighting designers that put tie dye looks on the runways. Glamour magazine called it a “throwback trend”. And Vogue cited tie dye as the most visible trend of the season.  But when I look at it, I don’t feel the nostalgia that everyone else seems to be feeling. I think certain trends from the past should stay in the past. Even from the practicality point of view, not only it’s so hard to pair it with another piece of clothing, but you also run the risk of looking too busy, almost distracting to the eyes. And above all, it’s too vintag-y and a touch trashy for my liking.


Another trend on my no-no list are the lingerie-inspired outfits. Full disclosure, I think satin slip dresses are not in this category. I absolutely love how innocent and delicate they look, especially when paired with a bulky sweater. What I’m referring to here is the night-gown looking lingerie dresses and outfits with too much silk and lace for my liking.

See, I think there is a thin line between appropriate and not appropriate. And these often white and off-white nighties might be a touch going overboard. Even if you pair it with a pair of runners or nude sandals, it’d be hard to pull it off without looking and feeling uncomfortable, under-dressed and too-revealing, with people wondering “IS SHE OR IS SHE NOT (wearing her pajamas outside)” ?


You’ve seen these around, for sure. I think a couple of Kardashian sisters made these quite popular. First of all, plastic shoes just screams IMPRACTICAL. I mean, they can’t possibly be comfortable. Your feet are sweating, slipping, sliding –just waiting for an accident to happen.

And bags… Ok, I absolutely love those WHAT’S IN MY BAG VIDEOS. But ladies, I don’t have to explain to you that those videos were perfectly orchestrated to show strategically placed items in someone’s bag: “oh look there is a lipstick that I forgot I had, or here is my perfectly unmessy purse.”
Nah, not for me. You know how they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Well, for me, what’s in my bag, stays in my bag. I don’t think anyone should see through the see-through walls of my bags, how many tampons I’m carrying or any other private business.


Next trend on my no-thank you list is those tiny glasses. Ok, I agree, I dig really delicate and fine accessories and glasses are considered to be an accessory. However, a big role of the glasses is to also make you feel comfortable when out on the sun, without squinting when you are enjoying a drink on a patio.

Glasses this small, to me, are quite useless. They literally serve no purpose aside from looking fashionable and on trend. And fashion trends should ideally serve other purpose as well, beside simply looking good. They should either make you feel good, give you a boost of confidence or at the very least NOT make you uncomfortable.


Up next is the head-to-toe “I see Paris, I see France, I see someone’s underpants” type of clothing.

Yes, sheer can be very very sexy.

And definitely looks great on the runway.

But, to me, everything is good in moderation. I recommend sticking to just one piece of sheer clothing. THAT, to me is sexy, when you have a beautiful sheer top with a skinny tank top under or a lacy bra. But when you are sheer top to bottom, you leave nothing to imagination.

From the practical standpoint, I don’t think it works for every body type. Unless you’re a size two and the fabric highlights your body in all the right spots. I’d much rather pick an item that accentuates certain parts of my body that I want to show off, like my ankles, and hide others that I’d much rather leave out of the spotlight.


Last, but not least….although, certainly the smallest…the trend of ridiculously small bags.

I mean, do I even need to say anything?

Why? Why do you need this bag? A very expensive – in some cases – bag, that fits nothing expect for a pack of gum or two credit cards? If doesn’t fit your phone, it doesn’t fit a lip glass and a mirror. In all seriousness, I don’t see how these bags serve any type of purpose, except maybe they may match something in your look. From the practical standpoint…Hell, no!

So that’s that! These are my 7 fashion trends to avoid this year. Feel free to comment below if you can think of any other trends that should be high up on the list of no-nos.

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