I am crazy inspired by people with a very distinct style. You know what I’m talking about? Those women that you see on the streets or on social media and you can’t help but admire how they pull different looks together and stay true to their very own and unique style.

I’m talking about Victoria Beckham with her ultra polished, conservative and structured looks. Olivia Palermo with her sophisticated, and always on trend style. Or Gitta Banko – who might not be as known in North America but OMG anything she puts on – she makes it look interesting. Like there isn’t one normal looking outfit – everything is an eye candy.

So, if you, like many others, are playing it safe and don’t feel that you have a truly-you-style, I have a couple of tips to help you discover it.

1. GET INSPIRED – find those style icons that you admire and take notes. What do you like about how they dress? Are there particular pieces you love in their looks? Colors, textures, how they pair things? Just make sure you can relate to it – that it’s something that you might find comfortable, wearable. It shouldn’t be something completely off the wall. Also, pay attention that you actually like the clothing, the style, and not the vibe of the photo, the setting. Often, we confuse the two and are attracted to the whole scene rather than the actual clothing pieces.

2. CONSIDER YOUR LIFESTYLE – awesome looks can be awesome, but if they don’t work for your lifestyle – it won’t stick, it won’t last. So consider your lifestyle. Literally, make a list of all the activities that you participate in on any given day. What places do you go to? Are you a corporate girl that spends 80% of her time in a formal-attire environment? Are you a stay at home mom who is a part-time driver (a.k.a. taking your offsprings to various after school activities)? Boss lady of her small business where you dictate uniform rules? Consider all of these factors and start there. What type of style would make sense for your everyday? What look do YOU want to portray, considering your lifestyle?

3. DETOX YOUR CLOSET – literally clear out crap. Take out everything you no longer wear, stuff that’s not comfortable, stuff that doesn’t look good, stuff that looks old. Then go back to that list that you made earlier and cross reference with what’s left in your closet. What pieces make sense for your every day activities? Do your clothes actually MATCH your lifestyle and things that you do and places that you go? If not, determine what’s missing. What would make sense.

4. ADD PERSONALITY – now is the time to define your style. And you do this by combining the clothing that work with your lifestyle and adding touches from your inspiration looks of those style icons that you picked earlier. Can you add certain elements that would not only slightly mirror what you admired but also make it very you? Can you marry that two concepts into one? Pay attention to how it makes you feel? Does it give you a confidence boost? Are you still comfortable?

5. SHOP SMART – which means question everything and anything tirelessly. Anytime you like something, determine if it’s just a trend, and you’re just attracted to it because it’s in right now, or because it matches one single thing in your closet. Or does it actually match your lifestyle? Is it timeless and versatile? Be smart and strategic when it comes to shopping for new clothes. Buy things that are quality, that compliment your chosen style direction and your current lifestyle.


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